Short Biography

“Maybe someday soon I’ll stumble upon the path that sets me free. Or maybe I just need to learn to appreciate everything that’s right in front of me.” 

As an artist, Aaron Chance Wilson has been challenging himself his entire life to find what truly makes him happy. Taken from his song ‘Maybe,’ the 26 year old singer-songwriter thinks the above lyric is an obstacle that a lot of people from his generation are having to overcome, whether they’ll admit it or not. 

So what exactly does Aaron hope to relay with his music? That it’s okay. It’s okay not to know where you’re going, what you’re doing, or how you’re doing it. 

“…I just want people to know they’re not alone. As long as you’re enjoying the ride, no one else can define your happy,” Aaron smiles confidently. 

Behind his rasp-driven voice, Aaron has a power that demands the room when he’s performing. Whether playing to a sparse few or a full crowd, Aaron has the ability to make everybody feel like one of the gang. With witty banter, lyrical wordplay, and the tunes to make you boogie, you’ll find yourself tapping your feet, clapping your hands, bobbing your head, or a groovy combination of all three. 

Currently, Aaron is working on the promotion of his upcoming release “New Frontier.” The five-song EP will feature acoustic and electric elements, including a full drum set – an Aaron Chance Wilson first. Taking note from some of his favorite artists, the sounds of New Frontier have an unmistakable folk-rock influence. With southern roots making their ties evident over the span of 22 minutes, Wilson describes this collection of songs as “a longing for something new, while also being fearful of letting go.” 

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