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Singer. Songwriter. Daydreamer. It’s often difficult to illustrate someone with just three words, but these words do a proper job at characterizing Aaron Chance Wilson. Native to the Piedmont area of North Carolina, music has always encompassed him. Aaron began singing at a very early age when his mother became a youth choir director. At age 7, his father took him to his very first concert, and Aaron fell in love with the entire experience of live music. Add in a love of writing gained from his grandmother, and it was inevitable that creating and performing music would be a part of Aaron’s destiny.


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Whether playing to a sparse few or a full crowd, Aaron has the ability to make everybody feel like one of the gang. With witty banter, lyrical wordplay, and the tunes to make you boogie, you’ll find yourself tapping your feet, clapping your hands, bobbing your head, or a groovy combination of all three.


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